We are an equal opportunity housing provider. We follow all Fair Housing Laws.  We do not discriminate against any persons based on the following: race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin, familial status, disability, veteran status, marital status, source of income, sexual orientations, gender identity or any other protected class.


Please make sure to read the details on our rental requirements listed below which may answer questions you may have.   Please note that applicants may be denied based on any of the following:


We require that each potential applicant, age18 or older, submit a completed application and pay an application fee for processing. All occupants 18 and older will be required to complete application (even if living with a parent or guardian). Application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of whether your application is accepted or denied.


The verification process for any application(s) will not begin until all applications are completed in entirety, all supporting documentation is submitted, and application fee is paid in full. This applies to any and all applicants, including occupants and/or co-signers. For parties with multiple applicants age18, or older, we require that the above information for ALL applicants be received before your collective application will be reviewed.


Management has sole discretion as to whether a co-signer on a rental application will be allowed. If Management chooses to allow a co-signer, said co-signer must be a resident of the Salt Lake County with acceptable proofs of residency. If allowed, co-signer must also complete a full rental application and pay the application processing fees and meet all other requirements in place for any co-signer/applicant. Furthermore, an increased security deposit will be required for any applications or leases that have an approved co-signer.


IDENTIFICATION:  All applicants must provide a valid government-issued photo identification. All applicants must also provide a valid Social Security Number, Alien Number, or I-94 for verification purposes. Non-U.S. Citizens must be able to provide documentation from U.S. Immigration to verify legal residency in the United States as of the effective date of the lease agreement. Any and all persons over the age of 18 that plan to reside in the property must complete a rental application and fulfill the requirements as listed above.


INCOME:  Applicants must provide proof of gross monthly household income that is three times (3x) the monthly rental amount. Applicants will be required to show proof of income for the most recent two months, and possibly more pending other considerations. Applicants debt-to-income will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis excessive debt or collections accounts could be grounds for denial. Management will consider this when processing application. Applicants must be currently employed for at least one year by the same employer.  Alternatively, employment for at least six months in the same line of work from the previous job may be considered acceptable.   Written verification of regular employment income sufficient to at least three times the monthly rental amount is required.


Commonly acceptable forms of income verification are:  * Copies of two (2) most recent payroll check stubs, AND * W-2 or 1099 tax documentation for the previous 2 years.   In Management’s sole discretion, applicants may be offered an option to pay an additional deposit in order to qualify for the property, if rental income requirements fall short by $200 dollars or less, the additional deposit amount will be determined by management.


Self-Employment:   Must provide the previous three years’ personal income tax returns while being self-employed as evidence of sufficient income. Persons who hold jobs that are paid in cash or services without payroll withholding or 1099 reporting, or persons paid by commission, tips, or bonuses will be considered self-employed. 


RENTAL HISTORY VERIFICATION. 3 years of positive rental history. Any current judgements or active collections owed to a past and/or current landlord, evictions that are within the past 3 years, or multiple evictions will be basis for automatic denial of a rental application. Rental history must be verifiable, with best or most current contact information for current/past landlord provided. If applicant is a homeowner and has no recent rental history, proof of on-time mortgage payments for the last 2+ years may satisfy this requirement in lieu of landlord verification.  Living with friends or family does not count as rental history.  Management reserves the right to require and obtain any documentation for proof of positive past rental verification. Any applicant that is unable to provide a verifiable rental history may be subject to denial of application or additional security deposit requirement, at the discretion of Management.


CREDIT HISTORY: Any bankruptcy, regardless of classification, must be discharged for a minimum of three years prior to the date of the rental application. Any open bankruptcy and/or multiple bankruptcy filings will result in automatic denial of a rental application.  Management reserves the right to obtain a credit report and abides by The Fair Credit Reporting Act. Applicant credit scores will be considered when making final application approval decision. Any current collection accounts or outstanding past-due amounts to collections, judgements, bankruptcy may be grounds for denial of a rental application. Credit reports will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and management will evaluate excessive delinquent accounts when considering applications. (e.g. open collections, judgments, liens or any other delinquent accounts) may be grounds for denial of a rental application. Credit scores will be considered but not limited to scores alone.


CRIMINAL HISTORY:  A criminal background check will be conducted for each rental applicant, with both federal and state criteria. Prior to conducting the criminal background check, applicants are required to disclose any and all prior convictions or pending criminal actions. Pending criminal actions will not, in themselves, be grounds for denial but may be factors considered along with other rental criteria requirements. Persons who are listed on any sex offender list will not be considered and will be basis for automatic denial of a rental application. Applicants with a criminal conviction relating to drugs may not be accepted and may be basis for automatic denial of a rental application. Please note that all convictions will be evaluated individually, and rehabilitation program will be considered, but will not ensure application approval. Persons who have a criminal conviction relating to drugs who have not provided evidence of completed drug rehabilitation will not be accepted nor will persons whose drug conviction relates to conviction for other than possession. Applicants should be aware that serious convictions relating to crimes involving violence, gang activity, arson, and injury to persons will likely be denied.  Also persons who have been recently released from prison, parole, or probation may be required to provide additional information and references.

SMOKING POLICY:  Management has a zero-tolerance smoking policy inside any unit or anywhere upon the grounds of the rental property. This includes but is not limited to the use of cigarettes, vaping, e-cigarettes, and other forms of smoking.  Smoking in any form is not allowed anywhere on the property, nor on any other neighboring property.


PETS:  No resident pets, No visiting pets, nor pets of any kind.


RENTERS INSURANCE REQUIREMENT:  Applicants must provide proof of valid renter's insurance within 3 days of application approval. Any/all renter's policies must include management/property owner named as additional insured on the policy, as indicated on provided declaration page as proof. Tenants must maintain active coverage for the entirety of their lease period, with coverage amount of $300k as minimum. If at any time coverage should lapse, Management reserves the right to institute management-placed policy that may or may not be of equal coverage, at a cost of $35 per month plus $50 placement fee.


OTHER QUALIFICATIONS:  Any false statements or inconsistencies on the application will result in an automatic denial of the application.  Rental applications will be considered based on all application requirements as outlined in the forgoing, as well as the fulfillment of the application process in its’ entirety.  Management reserves the right to approve or deny any or all applications based on qualifying information and applicant participation during the application process, including interaction of any kind with the Property Manager or other Management personnel.   Management reserves the right to decline any applicant who, at any point before, or during, the application process, exhibits behavior that is evasive, inconsistent, abusive, harassing, or combative toward Management agents or personnel, including behavior that gives them cause to believe that applicant cannot or will not comply with a proffered rental agreement or follow the expected rules of tenancy.


Once application is approved, the non-refundable lease initiation fee as well as any applicable security or holding deposit(s) are required to be paid in-full within 24 hours; if these fees are not paid within 24 hours of approval management has the authorization to accept other qualifying applications. There may be additional fees and deposits due prior to tenant move-in.   Management reserves the right to increase required deposit(s) as deemed necessary where applicants have not fully met the rental requirements for approval.


Once an application is approved, Management requires move in as soon as possible. Management may hold the property for up to 3 calendar days from date of approval/acceptance. If applicant requires a later move in date, pro-rated rents and future rents will be charged accordingly. A lease agreement will be required to be executed.

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